Pendidikan xalqaro qo’shma ta’lim dasturi ish yurituvchisi

Razzoqov Javoxir Nazirjon oʼgʼli

TSUE-Pendidikan xalqaro qo'shma ta'lim dasturi ish yurituvchisi

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into management and consultancy, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.


Management is the process of leading, coordinating, and administering tasks to accomplish goals.
The 5 operations of management are goal setting, organization, team management, goal tracking, and leadership.


  • BA, Menejment, Tashkent State University of Economics, 2023


  • The primary market value innovations of newly public firms
  • Auditor Tenure and Quality of Financial Report
  • Unexpected Fees and the Prediction of Material Weaknesses


Business Planning90%
Business Law70%
Lecture Skill100%